Common Questions about Root Canal Treatment

You need to not to worry much if your dentist tells you that you are going to need root canal treatment. Surely you are going to have some questions and concerns that you will be curious to find the answers for. Well, this is what this article is all about.

Is root canal treatment painful?

The most commonly asked question about root canal treatment is whether it is painful. The matter of fact is that the treatment can be a lot less painful and the recovery may be quite faster if your case is handled by experienced dentist. Remember, the pain is usually due to infection in the nerves. Root canal treatment deals with the removal of those infected nerves, cleaning of the canal and sealing of the tooth. The pain due to procedure may remain there for a few days but the treatment is for the good of your dental health.

Number of visits required for the treatment

Although it depends upon the case, you will typically require one to two dental visits to get the treatment completed. It has been possible due to advanced technology being used in the dental treatments.

Is it a good option to get the tooth pulled instead of going through the troubles of root canal?

You may tend to think this way but especially when the tooth is not visible. But you are going to realize that how badly a missing tooth can affect the quality of your life. When you have a gap due to missing tooth, other teeth start pushing to cover the gap. This is where the overall alignment of your bite takes a hit. Moreover, other teeth of your mouth will also come under the threat of extinction from your mouth.

Here, you may tend to think about getting an implant instead of undergoing root canal treatment. Dental implants have been quite beneficial but you have to keep in mind that no implant, bridge, or denture can fulfill the functionality requirements in a way the natural teeth can. This is the reason that dentists try their best to make sure that you retain your natural set of teeth.

What is the tooth is not treated?

If you leave the tooth untreated, the infection in pulp can cause abscess in the root area. An abscess can lead to the damaged or infected bone tissues and other soft tissues connected with the area. It may also lead to the loss of other teeth around the infected area.

Can antibiotic be an alternate?

If you think that you are going to get the problem treated by having antibiotics, you are wrong. People tend to think this way because they associate the problem with pain. When the pain is gone, people think that problem is solved. The matter of fact is that it’s the infected pulp that causes issues. Antibiotics can disable the bacterial activity for the time being but it doesn’t treat the infected nerves. You will have to go through root canal in order to get the problem fixed.


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